To reiterate: the Buffalo Bills should trade for Tim Tebow.

The Mario Williams signing is great, but my thoughts on trading for Tebow remain the same. Now that Manning has signed with Denver, Buffalo has a great opportunity. Apparently, management in Denver thinks Tebow is practically worthless, so they should be able to acquire him cheaply.

Do it.


    1. I’ll admit; Tebow could turn out to be an utter disaster–a lousy quarterback who just happened to get lucky a couple times.

      But, what I keep coming back to is that he had more good luck in half a season with Denver last year than Buffalo has had in the past, like, fifteen years.

      Now, granted, he has a wildly overzealous fanbase that will follow him, but then maybe some overly passionate fans are just what a historically weak team like the Bills needs. After all, “fan” is short for “fanatic”. And hey, if the pay money for Buffalo “Tebow” jerseys, it might help the team.

      And if nothing else, he’d be a decent fullback.

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