Don’t keep using the same news sources.

I try not to read the same news sites all the time. Every month or so, I try to switch around which sites I read, just to change things up. I also try, insofar as possible, to look at sites that have various different biases. I used to read Huffington Post a lot, then I switched to Drudge Report and now I’m trying to decide what to use next.

It’s surprising how hard it can be to do this. It’s easy to get in a “comfort zone” of going to the same sites every day. I’ve found I have to actually delete bookmarks to keep myself from just automatically clicking the same things out of habit. I know I’m probably ridding myself of any loyal readers I might have by telling you this, but I have found it does help to keep your mind flexible.

That said, there are some sites I always check in on–especially individual writers and bloggers that I can always count on to have something interesting. (Someday I’ll figure out how to add a “recommended reading” list and put up the blogs I used to link to from my old blog.) It’s more important to switch up which major news sites or aggregators you use than which individual writers you follow.

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  1. That’s a good idea, switching around. I’m getting bored with The Daily Beast and may head over to WSJ or really go nuts and go across the pond. I need to expand my horizons. I’m a bit embarrassed when readers who live in other countries know quite a bit about the U.S. and I know very little about their politics and issues.

    That is what I dislike about WordPress. I can’t see you or the other ex-bloggers on my dashboard anymore. It just doesn’t feel the same seeing your posts in my e-mail. Not that I’m gonna stop reading you, but, it is different.

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