I have been routed.

This New Year has begun with a host of technical difficulties that have made blogging difficult.
I have suspected for some time that my internet router is out to destroy me. It would hunt me down and kill me if it didn’t have to stay plugged into the wall outlet. But it is clearly attempting to cut off my lines of communication in order to leave me isolated and vulnerable.
It reboots itself at seemingly random intervals, and each time it seems to hit upon some new way of wrecking my internet connection; either by disconnecting me entirely or else by making the internet run painfully slow.
Now, because of many painful experiences, I have learned to anticipate this sort of thing and so I’ve thus far been able to thwart most of its plans by carefully timing my internet use for when it least expects it. I have read Sun-Tzu, and so I recall the lesson “appear at places to which [the enemy] must hasten; move swiftly where he does not expect you.”
However, my router has enacted a counter-strategy, where it wipes out all of my settings when it reboots, thus forcing me to have to fix them before I can do anything else. This, I am convinced, is a clever trick it has concocted so it knows when I am about to use the internet.
People tell me that I’m paranoid, but they haven’t seen the way the router’s green “everything is okay” light flashes mockingly at me when everything is obviously not okay because I am not connected to the internet.
Someday, I have to figure out why these things happen to me. But, more seriously, I though I’d post while I still had the chance to let you know that I’m battling technical difficulties, and so I don’t know when I’ll post next.

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  1. LOL. Actually, I've been having problems, too. I can no longer go to the NYT or Chicago Tribune without my computer crashing. Now, as a page loads, I hide my cursor up in the corner to fool the dancing ball of death.They will take over, eventually. : {

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