The Empire set on the Sun

The Empire set on the Sun
And no one there heard it fall.
O’er desolate cities and vistas
Andromeda casted a pall. 
When the heavy bombardment  
Had aught but ended
The Things of the Blackness
 From the Cosmos descended.
The shallows, now empty,
Still speak of their presence.
Their footprints, not faded,
Shall fade some millennia hence.
Past the blaze of the ritual fire,
Past the encircling rock,
Past the Gods and their wards,
They sped to the black in a random walk.
Where’er the Second Law holds sway
There the Natives will have cause to grieve.
And as they go to old, dead castles,
Will ghosts turn lights out as they leave?

So, for fun, I was attempting to do some sort of Lovecraft-like poem, in the vein of Nemesis and Nyarlathotep. I don’t think I succeeded, but the end result is interesting anyway. The last line reminds me of the Arthur C. Clarke story “The Nine Billion Names of God“.

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