Right and Wrong.

I’m still not sure what to think of this strange and thought-provoking article by Joel Marks, an “Ex-Moralist” who writes about his musings which led him to conclude that, as he puts it, “the entire set of moral attributions is out the window.”

I’m not trained in philosophy at all, so I can’t address this article with the kind of rigor or seriousness it deserves, but I do think it’s interesting to read about how he comes to his conclusions, unsettling as they are. It certainly makes you think. And be sure to read some of the comments; they’re also quite interesting.

Maybe I’ll post a bit more on this later.

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  1. Read the article. A lot of gobbledy gook to discover there are two sides to every argument and he finally decided to listen to the other side and stop trying to impose his beliefs on everyone else.Therin lies the heart of every moral system: who enforces it?

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