Am I missing something?

I have not really paid much attention to the recent controversy involving the comedian Tracy Morgan, but I had to comment on this article by conservative entertainment critic John Nolte. Nolte argues that the fact that Morgan is being condemned and forced to apologize for his remarks signifies a “new Production Code”. (Explanation of what the old production code was here.)

Nolte asserts that the alleged new production code is worse, because: “instead of the Catholic Church wielding all the muscle, now it’s left-wing special interest groups like CAIR and GLAAD…”

I think that speaks for itself.

Here’s the best part, though. Nolte objects to what he reads in this article, from which he quotes:

“Tracy Morgan met with a group of homeless gay teens and families who have lost loved ones to hate crimes Friday in New York City. The gathering was organized by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) following homophobic remarks made by the 30 Rock star during a June 3 show in Nashville, Tenn.”

In this, Nolte sees Orwellian dangers. And he goes on to say that if Morgan had made a similar joke, only with the violence directed at a “tea party” member, he would not be forced to go to similar lengths to express his remorse. Nolte claims:

“[N]o respected right-of-center group would ever demand such a fascistic re-education. At the most, they might pray for Morgan against his will or simply invite him to an event to get know [sic] who he’s mocking better.” [Emphasis mine.]

It seems to me that Nolte is implying GLAAD has forced Morgan to this meeting against his will. Well, I mean, if they have forced him to, that would probably be illegal. However, Nolte offers no evidence that Morgan did not merely voluntarily accept their invitation to this as an apology.

In other words, they appear to have done exactly what Nolte said right-wing groups would do, and nothing else. Please correct me if I’m wrong here, but I don’t see how else to interpret this.

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