From a transcript of a panel on Sean Hannity’s show, discussing Ed Schultz’s disparaging remarks on Laura Ingraham:

TANTAROS: I’m all for free speech. It is what I do. It lets me sit here, but it means responsible speech.

GUILFOYLE: You should also be appropriate.

HANNITY: — part of my vernacular — you know, go through the alphabet, you know, you can, certain letters, certain words, you never say about a woman, to a woman, ever, ever, ever.

I haven’t watched the video, but I’m not sure what letters Hannity had in mind. Maybe he misspoke. (I know you shouldn’t mention “A” to Hester Prynne, though.)

Also, to address the real topic under discussion, I don’t think freedom of speech is even an issue here–nobody prevented or wanted to prevent Schultz from speaking, they just made him apologize for what he said afterwards. Free speech issues aren’t really involved with the question of whether it merited an apology.

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