Sarah Palin’s Wisconsin Speech.

This is just pure… Palin. There’s no other way to describe it.

I wonder how taking away collective bargaining rights from the unions helps the unions… was that not what she asserted?

My “favorite” part of her speech:

“I say personally to our President, hey parent to parent, Barack Obama, for shame for you to suggest that the heart of the common-sense conservative movement would do anything to harm our esteemed elders, to harm our children with down syndrome, to harm those who are most in need. No, see in our book, you prioritize appropriately and those who need the help will get the help.” [Emphasis mine.]

This is hard for me to follow, but she seems to be saying the Republicans will prioritize about who will get help… I wonder, would they use a “panel”, of some kind, to determine who gets what? And it would be “to each according to his need“, apparently…

Is that how you read it?

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