It’s all in our heads.

I see there’s a new study out saying that brain structure plays a role in determining if a person is a Liberal or a Conservative. It’s a scientific study, so that conclusion is, of course, heavily qualified. But it would explain why people so easily and for so long have fallen into these two-party systems.

I heard about this story not long after reading the article “I can’t believe my best friend is a Republican” by Taffy Brodesser-Akner. She writes that her Republican friend:

“[H]as her beliefs challenged constantly. She is more well-read and educated in her politics than most of the liberals I know. Too many liberals I know are lazy, they have a belief system that consists of making fun of Glenn Beck [I’m guilty–Mysterious Man] and watching “The Daily Show.” Shouldn’t their beliefs be challenged, too?” [Emphasis mine]

Question: how could it happen that a person is “more educated in her politics” than other people are and yet the other people are still correct about politics and the “more educated” person wrong? Is this not what the author is implicitly saying, since she herself is a liberal, and therefore would believe liberalism superior to conservatism?

Maybe my liberal brain can’t handle it.

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