I can’t wait!

The trailer for Mass Effect 3 is out:


I admit I didn’t particularly like the first Mass Effect. In absolute terms it was a great game, of course, but it was poor relative to what BioWare had accomplished before it. Mass Effect 2 more then made up for it, even if its story wasn’t quite one what might have hoped for, the overall gaming experience was vastly superior. A joy to play, in fact.

I feel that the third installment will make or break everything. If it’s well thought-out, it will be one of the greatest video game series ever. If it continues to exhibit the same sort of story flaws displayed towards the end of ME2, it will rank as… well, still a thoroughly enjoyable series, but not quite the epic space-opera we all are hoping for.(Isn’t it telling that even BioWare’s disappointments are great games?)

(P.S. About the warning on that video: it only says that because it is a trailer for an “M”-rated game. There’s nothing terribly traumatizing in the trailer itself. At least, nothing you wouldn’t see in movie ads regularly on broadcast television at all hours of the day.)

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