There will be no "Beta Protocol".

Sega announced today that there will be no sequel to Obsidian Entertainment’s game Alpha Protocol.
That’s really a pityIt was, underneath all the glitches, really a very good idea for a game, with some very memorable characters. I can’t believe how it’s getting savaged in the video game press. 
I mean, look at BioWare’s first Mass Effect. That thing was glitchy too, and, if I do say so myself, the characters weren’t nearly as memorable as AP’s. But everyone knew it had major potential; and sure enough, you give BioWare two years to iron out the flaws and they made a masterpiece.
And also, can someone explain why everyone hates the rather intuitive combat mechanics of Alpha Protocol, but not the extremely awkward controls in Fallout 3? (Or, as I call it: “Fallout: The Quest for Liam Neeson”.)

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