Seriously, Hitchens, you need to quit drinking.

Says the great British atheist: “She [Sarah Palin] has got no charisma of any kind.”

It is said that women become more attractive the more thoroughly drunk you are. Apparently, this isn’t working for Hitchens.

Kidding aside, you have to be crazy if you think Palin has no charisma. I mean, I can understand maybe not seeing the charisma yourself; after all, I can’t see what was so appealing about Margaret Thatcher or Ronald Reagan. But I can clearly see that they had charisma. I mean, you just don’t get that many people that excited about you unless you have charisma.

Likewise, I assume lots of conservatives don’t “get” Obama’s charisma, but no one could reasonably deny that he has it. It’s why he’s President and John Kerry isn’t.

What's your stake in this, cowboy?