Health Care reform prophecy.

Back in January, right before Scott Brown’s victory in the Senate race, I wrote:

 “Once a campaign takes on an aura of extreme importance, it changes things. Epic struggles and charismatic people complement each other beautifully…. I speculate that charisma doesn’t just help a person get involved in great events, it almost demands them to.”

I then said:

“All sending Obama to help Coakley does, I think, is demonstrate how important the election is. And that plays right into Brown’s hands.”

I was right, I think. But what I didn’t think of then was that Brown’s election didn’t mean the end for “Obamacare”, it just made it into an ‘Epic Struggle” to get it passed… and guess who the most charismatic guy in that fight was?

I’m not sure if this actually is the reason it passed; but it certainly would fit in with what I’ve said before on this blog about charisma.

What's your stake in this, cowboy?