I want to try to think about this logically, using a series of statements and inferences.

  1. There is reason to suspect that Wikileaks gets the information that they leak from Russian spies and/or sympathizers.
  2. Let us suppose that this is true. If that is the case,what does the fact that Wikileaks released all this information suggest?
  3. It would be reasonable to infer that Russian spies/sympathizers now have more access to government documents than they previously did.
  4. How could that ever happen? What could possibly have changed recently to allow pro- Russian forces greater access to previously-secure areas of the government?
  5. Absolutely nothing suggests itself.

Sorry.  This really went nowhere. I’m at a total dead end.

While (still!) reading about the WikiLeaks affair, I was listening to some music. The song “Disorder in the House” by Warren Zevon and Jorge Calderon came up in the shuffle. It contains these lines:

“It’s the Home of the Brave and the Land of the Free;

Where the less you know, the better off you’ll be.”

Anyway, I was thinking of doing a post on my opinion of WikiLeaks, (as opposed to just tweaking the Republicans and Tea Party like I’ve been doing) but it’s kind of hard, largely because I’m not sure what my opinion is yet. It’s a complex issue.