1. I just downloaded an anthology of his with 100 books for free on Amazon. Heaven only knows when I”ll get around to reading them.

  2. What, not all of my blog visitors are bots? Who knew? Well, most of them are… Glad you’re enjoying my posts. I’m not writing fiction at the moment, so my hour or two a day of writing goes into the blog at the moment, which is rather fun. Two more Blandings Castle Saga books to read!

      1. Hi acflory, At the moment no. I have a blank canvas on my drawing board; its been blank all summer. But I am hoping to start again soon. I like to spend our rather short summers outside as much as possible, but as the weather closes in, I intend to get some paint on that canvas. It’s been 4 -5 years since I painted anything but book covers, and those badly. I just ran out of new ideas to paint, as it seems I have for writing as well, at the moment. I admire your computer art & world building, and the patience you must have to do it.

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