Changes to the archive of indie book reviews

To my shame, I’ve let my list of indie book reviews get hopelessly out of date. The reason for this is it has to be manually updated every time I have a new book review. This isn’t the most time-consuming thing in the world, but I try to post a new review almost every week, and the time it takes to update adds up. (One might argue that I am just lazy, and perhaps this is true. But I prefer to think of it this way: the less time I have to spend updating the site is more time I can spend reading books.)

But, I think I may now have a solution. The solution is Query Loops, and it should, if it works properly, allow me to automate updating the page, so every time I post new review, it will immediately be added to the list in the appropriate genre without me having to do anything.

So, here is a revamped version of the indie book review page that uses Query Loops. Note that the link at the top of the blog still takes you to the old page. I want to give people a chance to check this out and give feedback before I put a link on the front page.

Now, I’ll admit, this is still not perfect. In particular, because the Query Loop block only displays the “Featured Image” for each post, the cover images are different sizes. Yes, this is annoying, and if I get the time, I’ll try to go back and replace the images with ones that are the same size. But probably not at WordPress’s suggested size of 1200 x 675, which in my opinion is huge.

Still, on balance, this is way nicer than having to manually update. So, please check it out, and let me know what you think, or if you see any problems/issues etc.


  1. Great stuff! And fun to use too 😊 I like that you haven’t limited the books that cross different genres to the one heading.

    Just one thing, if you haven’t noticed yet – I clicked on all the headings (because its fun and I’m easily amused 😊), they all work as they should except for ‘Fantasy’, which goes to ‘Adventure’ instead.

  2. Works for me. I’m going to try to read more books this year. I bought myself a new ebook reader to borrow books from the library just for that reason. (And all those free books from TOR.) Though an hour in the evening seems to be my reading limit at the moment.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to organise your reviews for us. This is a good system, I shall have to stop being so mean to WP.
    I salute your dedication to reading across a broad spectrum and taking the time to pass your views onto us.
    Best wishes

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