I don’t want the April Fools’ post to be the first thing anyone coming to this blog sees, since it’s no longer April Fools’ Day. However, I don’t want to delete it, and I don’t have any publishable posts at the ready.

So I’m going to try an experiment and open up the floor for comments. That’s right, just post about whatever topics you want in the comments below. I’m curious to see what will happen.

For guidelines, my gold standards for discussion are The McLaughlin Group and “open lines” on Art Bell’s Coast-to-Coast AM.  Thus, the more you can say “Issue [X]” or reference The Mothman, the more likely you are to win the non-existent prize.

But above all, please try not to be like Topix.


    1. 10, for sure. Total annihilation.

      And well done! Bronze, nothing–you get gold!

  1. Oh, there are so many things …

    I need to add more to my burgeoning campaign platform. I want to say something about identity politics, but I’m not quite sure how to say what I want to say. So, there’s that.

    I started taking piano lessons two weeks ago. Kind of getting a kick out of it for the moment, but I’m struggling with the idea of counting while playing to get the timing right. I mean, I’ve got to do something with my right hand and with my left hand while playing and I’m expected to count also. That’s three things, at the same time. And doesn’t even take into consideration reading the music. So, it’s really four things. And I’m expected to count. Pffft.

    Issue three: Donald Trump ends the ACA or closes the border?? Morton Kondracke would say he won’t do either, but he should close the border. Patrick Buchanan would chuckle knowingly and say he’s going to do both and the Dems will explode. Ellen (what’s her last name) will tut-tut and say he’s going to end the ACA but that just means we’re a step closer to single payer. And McLaughlin would say “you’re all wrong. Bye bye!”

    1. I tried to learn piano as a teenager. I never even got to the point where I could get both hands doing what they were supposed to at the same time. I think the best I could ever manage was the first few notes of “Jingle Bells” and that was it.

      Yep; you’re so right about what the group would say. I can just picture it!

      1. I played as a kid. Never took lessons, but had two sisters who did. One of them spent some time teaching me the basics. I hadn’t really played for decades though. I totally get the difficulty of getting both hands doing what they are supposed to do. But, I’ve picked it up quicker than I thought I would. Not that I’m playing incredible music, but it’s better than I expected.

  2. There’s an author, Michael-Scott Earl. He writes science fiction that are also called Harem Books. I’ve enjoyed his stories. His Dinosaur Tamer series is fun to read and he has a really weird imagination. He writes a book a week with four different series. For a while he was the second best selling Sci Fi writer in the world. Then Amazon banned him. The said he had 3 complaints about the sexual content in his books. Optimus Praetorian Guard, Human Sacrifices (reviewed by Berthold), could be blocked just as easily as they contain sexual content.. MSE is R rated and sexual fantasy. The idea that one man can have five or ten women in love with the same guy and get along. Pure fantasy here, but set on different worlds and species, it kind of works.
    This should scare all writers, as Amazon now controls 97% of publishing in the world. That they can arbitrarily black ball a writer without proper explanation is truly frightening.

  3. I want to talk about books, too. I never buy a book that has a dull cover. It has to catch my eye. Avocados are a great cover, although, issues arise since they will be extinct in a few weeks due to the ongoing issue of a monkey in the house.
    Don’t get me started on topix.

    1. Hee hee; yes; good old Topix. I was surprised it still existed. I figured Twitter had replaced it.

    2. Oh, BTW, it seems my comments are vanishing into the ether on your blog again. Possibly Blogger has decided I’m a robot. It may be right.

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