My Predictions for the NFL Divisional Round

KC: 17

NE: 14

New England has a ton of injuries, and they don’t match up well with the Chiefs anyway. The last time they played, the Chiefs beat them 41-14.   Brady has had no time in the pocket the last few games, so I don’t see them winning this.

ARZ: 30

GB: 20

People are thinking Green Bay is good because they beat Washington, the winner of the weakest division in football, apart from the AFC South. I’m not buying it, even though I picked them to reach the Super Bowl in the preseason.  Arizona demolished them a few weeks ago.

CAR: 35

SEA: 28

Seattle has been a trendy pick all week to upset the Panthers.  I can see why, and was on the point of picking them myself, but when an upset is this popular, it’s no longer an upset.  The Panthers have been hearing all week about how great Seattle is. The ‘Hawks are tough, but Carolina will ultimately win.

PIT: 13

DEN: 10

All logic says to pick Denver. The Steelers have tons of injuries, Peyton Manning is rested, Denver has a great defense, which is normally the key to playoff success. But there’s something about these Steelers–they have an intangible quality that makes me think they can do it.



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