Evil Relics Unearthed By Foolhardy Band of Treasure Hunters

It’s only fitting that I should begin an article about one of the worst video game ever with a quote from the best: I am reminded of Kreia in Knights of the Old Republic II and her line “Much is buried here… and there is much that should remain buried here.”

They have uncovered the infamous landfill of E.T. video game cartridges dumped in the desert during the video game crash of the ’80s.  Why they spent the money to go find something that was buried specifically because no one wanted it, I don’t know.  I suppose so people like me would write about it.

Apparently, they are going to use this as part of a documentary about the collapse of Atari and being financed by Microsoft. Which does beg the question: is the worse example of poor management

  1. burying your disastrous failures in the desert, or
  2. spending money to dig someone else’s failures up again?

I never played the game, or even saw the movie E.T., so I can’t say for sure it’s the worst.  Hard to imagine it’s worse than Superman 64, though.


  1. The whole thing has been a circus here, it is said that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but what kind of idiot would find these games a treasure?

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