To Thingy:

I can’t comment on your blog anymore–the option to use the WordPress account won’t work for me.  But regarding your latest post, about thinking positive, I wanted to say that my opinion has always been that thinking negative is better, because you will either be proven right or else pleasantly surprised.

My friends say this is too depressing.  I tell them that if I’m too depressing, they should positive think me into being more upbeat. Hasn’t worked yet. (I don’t actually tell them this. But I should.)


  1. Sigh. It’s so annoying. Not sure what to do about commenting situation, but I’m glad you are ‘there.’

    Ha! I think more like you, and Steven Wright. I couldn’t even get my Goldie Day right. Imagine my dismay when I realized hours later it wasn’t even Friday.

    What would Steven do? : )

  2. It’s not something I did. (I don’t think) I think it may be because I use the library computer. I couldn’t even look up what ‘mamasan’ means because “Brad” says, “access denied.”

    Dang technology.

    LOL. Yeah, that’s how she thinks.

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