Coffee in the evening: a cautionary tale

I can’t drink coffee after 5:00 pm, or I’ll have trouble falling asleep.  But I forgot about that, in my absent-minded way, last night as I was contemplating a Fantasy Football draft that an acquaintance of mine talked me into joining.  With one eye, I observed the draft order and with the other I watched as an artist whose work I admire humiliated himself by getting into (and, frankly, losing) an argument with an empty chair.

Staring at the screen trying to decide if I should take Matt Ryan or Cam Newton and ultimately deciding that I didn’t care anyway gave me an awful headache, which would only make it harder to fall asleep.  I also couldn’t watch much of Romney’s speech because of it.  But I don’t really care; I can see it online, and even if I couldn’t; I can basically guess what was in it.

Anyway, there I was, “lying awake with a dismal headache” and part of my brain thinking “will the Republicans win this?” and the other part thinking “you really should have gone ahead and snagged Matt Forte when he was right there.”  This state of affairs persisted into the very early morning.

What was my point?  Oh, yes, now I remember: there was no point.  I just wanted to observe that there are better ways to spend one’s time.  Stupid coffee.


      1. For me, it’s about not beng willing to slow down and put aside what I’m doing. I’m always doing something. Better than half of my nights end after 3 a.m.

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