A depressing way to find things out.

For years, the gym where I work out has played a song I’ve always really liked, but never known what the title was, or who performed it. I couldn’t make out all the words, and so I never looked it up. But I always liked it when it came on.

Turns out, it was “Daydream Believer“, by The Monkees. I only found this out because their lead singer, Davy Jones passed away yesterday. I didn’t think I’d ever heard anything by him, so I decided to look up some of his work.

It’s sort of a weird feeling… I’d enjoyed the guy’s song without knowing anything about him, and only bothered to look it up because of his death. It’s just… strange.

But at least he left a body of work for people to enjoy. I’ll have to listen to more of The Monkees.

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