For want of a message the cart before the horse was not lost.

The best secret agent in all of the land
      Was told to report for his briefing.
                 His boss said the orders that he would reveal
Came from the top of the chain of command;
       For, after through much intelligence leafing,
                 They knew where to find the plans he must steal.
“Tell me,” said he, at the end of the talk,
         “What are these plans–what’s their import?
                  Must be big, to such risky attempts to compel you.”
Back and forth, the leader did walk,
           And said “After you get in and return from that fort,
                   The content of those plans I’ll be only too happy to tell you.”
Dispatched then, by chopper,
       To that secret fortress way out in the East,
                  He readied himself to take on this mission.
Assuring his footing was proper,
         He watched from a hill till patrolling had ceased,
                   And swung on a line down into position.
From there, using cunning and stealth,
         He sneaked behind boxes and under the trees,
                   And finally leapt (from twenty feet up!) through a skylight.
(If you want to take care of your health
          This profession is very unlikely to please,
                   But if they make this a movie, this will be a highlight!)
He silently slipped through the place
          And made his way to the big metal safe–
                   But, for his life, he couldn’t see how he could crack it!
The alarms went off all over the base,
          A guard saw our agent, and started to strafe,
                   And right past his ear whizzed a full metal jacket.
The mission was scrubbed then and there!
          He escaped, though ten times he nearly died;
                    And he asked when he radioed in to command:
“I’ve failed! But please make me aware–
           That safe was unbreakable–what plans were inside?”
                     The reply: “the plans to cracking that safe, as I understand.”
The moral, my friends, is simple enough;
            It’s something of which all should be aware,
                      (Even if they’re not a spy crossing a border.)
Because, even though it can be tough,
            Everyone really ought to take care
                       To see to it that they keep all their orders in order.                  

What's your stake in this, cowboy?