On a less depressing note:

It appears that everything we know is wrong. The speed of light can be broken. The New York Times reports:

“According to scientists familiar with the paper, the neutrinos raced from a particle accelerator at CERN outside Geneva, where they were created, to a cavern underneath Gran Sasso in Italy, a distance of about 450 miles, about 60 nanoseconds faster than it would take a light beam.”

Probably, it will turn out to be a mismeasurement. But it just might mean that the speed of light isn’t the ultimate limit scientists thought, which would have major implications for physics. Although, I guess it might also be the case that the hard-and-fast limit is just c + 60 ns, which wouldn’t buy us much.

But for now, allow me a few minutes of pretending that Star Wars-like light-speed space travel is possible.

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