Thanks, Thingy.

I have been nominated for a “Sunshine Award” by Thingy. Thanks very much, Thingy! All you readers, be sure to check out her excellent blog, Pondering Life.

Now, it seems that part of the protocol for this award is that I need to tell you something interesting about myself. That’s tricky. Using a very loose definition of “interesting”, the only fact I can come up with off hand is that I am a vegetarian, and have been my entire life. I also keep meaning to write a humor book, but it doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon.

I am not even sure if that qualifies as “interesting”, but it’s all I’ve got.

Finally, I understand I am to pass on this award to others. Well, (I hope I’m doing this right); the best blogger I know of for this award is P.M. Prescott of Captain’s Log. His blog always features something interesting, whether showcasing his talent as a writer or his knowledge of history. (Check out his books, too.)

I’ve never gotten one of these awards before. Hopefully, I followed the protocol correctly.


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