When all else fails, talk about the weather.

Summer is just about officially over.

I have to confess, I don’t really like the Summer; which I think puts me in the minority. Oh, sure; there are great things about it–the long days, the fact that you’ll almost never be prevented from driving somewhere by bad weather–but it’s my least favorite of all the seasons.

Part of it is simply that I don’t much like the heat. But another part of it is the way it’s always so damned bright and cheerful. Long days are good, but there’s something so clear and carefree about them that it frankly annoys me.

I have kind of a melancholy sensibility, and so I like days that have a tinge of that about them. Thus, I love the Fall because there are hints in the changing of the leaves and the cold winds that suggest the coming winter.

Yes, I know I’m a strange person. Thanks for asking.

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