A question for my fellow bloggers: Do you ever find it to be surprisingly hard to come up with titles for your blog posts? I mean, I sometimes spend more time trying to figure out the title than I do working on the post itself.

One technique I use is to make the title something that doesn’t make sense until you read the post. (See here and here, for example.) A potential drawback to this method is that someone scanning through post titles won’t want to look at anything they don’t understand right off the bat.

Sometimes, if I just can’t think of anything at all, I just go ahead and try to give the thing a standard headline that summarizes the basic point, but sometimes that’s not doable for a really long post that covers lots of topics. Besides which, I feel like the post titles are a good opportunity to be clever (humor me) and have the potential to complement the post in a variety of ways.

Any advice?


  1. LOL. I usually just let it come to me. I tend to use puns a lot. Sometimes, I think my titles are better than the actual blog.Your titles look fine. Now, I should read more of your posts.

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