Pennsylvania Senate Democratic Primary

Sestak has a lead over Specter, but it’s early. I’m pulling for Sestak, myself. Not really for any issues so much as to see Specter get punished for being such an opportunist. Updates as events warrant.

Update I: For some reason, I just thought of the line from the film Chinatown, “Politicians, ugly buildings, and whores all get respectable if they last long enough.” As of 9:18 P.M., with 3% of precincts reporting, Specter has a 65% – 35% lead.

Update II:   Sounds like Sestak is pulling slightly ahead. It truly does look like it’s an anti-incumbent year, regardless of whether that incumbent is being challenged from the Left or the Right. (If we must use such ridiculous terms.)

Update III: 10:28 P.M. and Specter is done.

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