Since I posted about it a week ago, it’s become by far my most viewed post.  Tons of people are getting here searching on variations of “I don’t get the NCAA 13 commercials”.

The game itself is, I have to say, pretty fun.  Now, granted, it’s not exactly super-realistic.  I play as Akron in dynasty mode, because they’re one of the worst rated teams, and there was a game against Arkansas with the final score of 91-49. (Arkansas’s favor)  Now, granted it’s a mismatch, but that’s kind of insane nonetheless.  My star receiver had like 2,000 yards and 12 TDs as of week three–and this is on “All-American” difficulty.  And the made-up players you’re supposed to recruit are all rude as heck for some reason.  But it’s still fun, except for a few freezing issues.

The “Heisman Challenge” mode, meanwhile, is way more fun than it should be.  It’s even less realistic.  I play as Andre Ware, and so far he has 32 touchdowns  and 3,000+ yards in four games.  The only competition he could have for the Heisman are his own receivers.  It shouldn’t be fun and yet, weirdly, it is.

(One thing that bothers me: why does Ware have the wrong facemask?  The loading screen clearly shows a picture of him wearing this mask, and yet in the game he has one more like Tom Brady’s.  And while we’re on the subject, what’s that giant faceguard Herschel Walker’s wearing in the above ad?  He never wore that. /end mysterious man facemask rant)

Anyway, it’s a very fun game, but it has more of an “arcade” feeling to it.  Which is cool.  The college game feels looser and more wide-open than pro, so that makes sense.