Ah ha, Charles Fort, you tricky rascal, you! I knew I’d find you one day!

Charles Fort. Image via Wikipedia

Some readers may recall that I did a rather silly post, nearly a year ago now, trying to think of the last name of some philosopher whose first name was “Charles”.  Well, the other day I finally stumbled across his Wikipedia page again. That’s one mystery solved.

So, after all that, what was the deal with this Fort guy?  He was, from what I read, a bit of an oddball.  He didn’t really trust mainstream science much, and had a way of coming up with his own offbeat sort of logic.  

Not that he seems to have taken any of that seriously either,and to go by his Wikiquote page, he was a very witty fellow, and it sometimes seems like his interest in weird stuff was an excuse to make clever quips. 

So, that’s Charles Fort in a nutshell. (Which, some would say, is exactly where he belongs.)  I hope you you found this worth the wait.