John Ziegler, the maker of the pro-Sarah Palin film Media Malpractice, makes an interesting claim on his website. He claims that Matt Drudge, of Drudge Report, was pro-Obama in 2008. He says his suspicions of this were confirmed by discussions with the late Andrew Breitbart, who claimed his anti-Obama articles were pushed down the page or else not posted at all on Drudge’s site. You can read Ziegler’s full account on his website.

He makes some interesting points. I don’t think I agree with him, but it’s an interesting point. However, it is a significant fact that all the evidence Ziegler cites in his column involves stories from the 2008 Democratic primaries. To me, this suggests that Drudge wanted Obama to win the Democratic nomination for some reason, not necessarily the actual Presidency.

Maybe he thought Obama would be easier to beat. Maybe he just has a personal hatred for the Clintons, and wanted to see Hillary fail. Maybe he just didn’t know how to not be biased. Or maybe Ziegler and Breitbart were both wrong.