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“Be eloquent in praise of the very dull old days   which have long since passed away,And convince ’em, if you can, that the reign of good Queen Anne was Culture’s palmiest day.Of course you will pooh-pooh whatever’s fresh and new,   and declare it’s crude and mean,For Art stopped short in the cultivated court     of […]

One other thing that was fascinating about Robert Weissberg’s “Alien Rule” article was this passage: “Just travel to Afghanistan and witness American military commanders’ efforts to enlist tribal elders with promises of roads, clean water, dental clinics, and all else that America can freely provide. Many of these elders probably privately prefer abject poverty to […]

Okay, it’s a little thing, but it irritated me. In his review of the video game-based movie “Prince of Persia”, Darin Miller writes: “Given that the film’s underlying premise is a video game, it’s no surprise that the story is a little weak.” It is true that most video game-inspired movies are pretty awful. And […]

Jonah Goldberg has an interesting column about Financial reform. He writes: “If by “capitalist” you mean someone who cares more about his own profit than yours; if you mean someone who cares more about providing for his family than providing for yours; if you mean someone who trusts that he is a better caretaker of […]

“A restoration, if you will, of the power and authority of the president.”–Dick Cheney, on actions taken in the Bush administration. (Source:   Progressives, or Liberals, if you prefer, are shocked at the failure of Pelosi and Reid to pass a health-care bill sooner–before the election of Scott Brown all but destroyed the bill’s […]

As I have said, almost everyone seems to think the media is against them. However, as far as news media and Journalism is concerned, this charge has been obsolete since, at the latest, 2004. The internet has enabled people to easily access propaganda for any viewpoint they want. This is one argument many people made […]