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Via Andrew Sullivan, a brutally good review of Dinesh D’Souza’s book The Roots of Obama’s Rage, by Andrew Ferguson, who writes: “Throughout the nineties I heard mainstream Republicans describe the president as a shameless womanizer and a closeted homosexual, a cokehead and a drunk, a wife beater and a wimp, a hick and a Machiavel, […]

Writes Andrew C. McCarthy: “The energy and the logic on the right wants Big Government dismantled. Very simply, it has been tried for almost 80 years, it does not work, it cannot work — not if you accept that there is a human nature and that it will always assert itself.” Really, it just “does […]

“Bungie has never really been a master of narrative detail, preferring to focus on the big picture.”– Tom Hoggins, reviewing Halo Reach. If by “big picture”, he means their repetition of the ancient “good humans vs. evil aliens” storyline, then yes, that is true. But never mind a little thing like “narrative detail”; it’s a […]

“Modern liberal intellectuals have had a notoriously difficult time coming up with a decent account of patriotism even when they have felt it…. they have proclaimed their allegiance to a hypothetical, pure country that is coming into being rather than to the one they inhabit.”–Richard Lowry & Ramesh Ponnuru, “An Exceptional Debate”. Comes the obvious […]

“Be eloquent in praise of the very dull old days   which have long since passed away,And convince ’em, if you can, that the reign of good Queen Anne was Culture’s palmiest day.Of course you will pooh-pooh whatever’s fresh and new,   and declare it’s crude and mean,For Art stopped short in the cultivated court     of […]

One other thing that was fascinating about Robert Weissberg’s “Alien Rule” article was this passage: “Just travel to Afghanistan and witness American military commanders’ efforts to enlist tribal elders with promises of roads, clean water, dental clinics, and all else that America can freely provide. Many of these elders probably privately prefer abject poverty to […]

Okay, it’s a little thing, but it irritated me. In his review of the video game-based movie “Prince of Persia”, Darin Miller writes: “Given that the film’s underlying premise is a video game, it’s no surprise that the story is a little weak.” It is true that most video game-inspired movies are pretty awful. And […]