He’s avoiding Arlen Specter, that’s for sure.

In other political news, two of John McCain’s top staffers are leaving his Senate campaign. I wonder if they’re thinking he’ll lose.

I’ve thought McCain had Hayworth beaten a couple of times now, but he can never quite put him away. He’s starting to remind me of Brett Favre in the 2008 NFC Championship game.

According to a new poll, the score is: McCain 47%, Hayworth 42%.

Of note also is this quote:

“McCain has flooded the airways with paid advertisements, and apparently Arizona voters don’t like what he has to say,” Hayworth campaign manager David Payne said Friday in a prepared statement. “Congressman Hayworth’s grassroots campaign and conservative message is being embraced by the people.”

 Of course, that’s only one, heavily biased, interpretation. But it is plausible if McCain suffers from anti-charisma. I wonder if that mocking ad his friends released the other day will backfire.

UPDATE: And before anyone gets all offended, the title of this post is not an “incitement to violence“. It’s a metaphor.

On Friday, every news organization was whipped up over Sarah Palin’s speech for John McCain in his primary battle against J.D. Hayworth. The liberals could use it as an excuse to replay Palin’s worst mistakes from the 2008 campaign. The conservatives could use it to talk about their most charismatic and exciting leader. Everywhere, it was big news.

Except I couldn’t find anything about it on Drudge Report. If any of you saw anything about it there, please say so in the comments, but I couldn’t see anything about it all afternoon.

Oddly, Drudge has had several ads for J.D. Hayworth at the top of his page for quite some time now.