Your Suggestions Wanted!

I’ve let the indie book review page get out of date. The reason is largely that the format of it is so clunky. Even with the hyperlinked genre listing, it’s still awkward to navigate a long list like that. And so every time I think I should update that, my next thought is Ugh, but it’s such a chore to use; I should fix that first.

But… nothing springs to my mind as to exactly how I can make it better. What do you think? What would make that page more visually interesting than just a list you have to scroll through?


  1. I like the menu at the top and would keep that.
    I would suggest a separator between books/blurbs. Right now they all run together, but a little line would help the eye.

    Hope that helps! And if not, I hope you find what will! 🙂

  2. Hi Berthold – For the record, I think it looks nice (not clunky), but maybe if you grouped 3 or 4 book images together in each category it would be easier to see the whole selection. I recently updated all my Books of 20.. pages and later discovered that the mobile device view is very clunky. Ugh…

  3. Not that techie enough to offer advice here, glad you included my books and it looks nice, but you do have to scroll down a bit which might turn some people off.

    1. Thanks, Pat! Someday in the not-to-distant future I will be adding “Fan Plan” to this list as well. 🙂

  4. I actually don’t find it that difficult to scroll through the list. Spacers between the reviews may help, as someone else suggested. You don’t want to make the cover images too small, since they are often the first thing to attract attention. Like Patrick, I’m delighted to see my books there!

  5. Thrilled to be in your list as well, Berthold. As Audrey said, I don’t mind scrolling through the list, but a search box might help streamline things a bit more. Do the reviews have tags/keywords?

    1. They do, but not terribly well organized. I am very bad about that. 😐 At some point, I should go back and clean up/organize tags better. I’ve put it off too long.

      1. lol – I know the feeling. Specific tags to do pay off though as they’re one of the things that improve your SEO. And no, I’m no expert, just happen to know that one little thing. 😀

  6. p.s. just had a look at your tags. Maybe you could add a few that are more specific to the book. That could help people narrow down their searches.

    cheers, Meeks

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