An Experiment

One of the perks of upgrading the blog is that I now have the ability to upload audio files. I want to test what I can do with this.

As a first step, I made a recording of me reading the poem I wrote for Halloween 2014. Let me know what you think…


  1. 1) The audio file works great.
    2) I had an idea in my head about your voice and it’s different. I don’t know how you think I should sound but I have a very deep voice and back in the day when telemarketers would call, they often thought I was a man. Your voice is more suave. I expected it to be a little gravely, like your politics. For real.

    1. Thanks! You know, it’s interesting–for whatever reason, I never really form an idea what I think the voice of someone I am reading sounds like. Not sure why.

      (Personally, I find it hard to listen to recordings of myself. I always think my voice sounds really dull. But I try to use what acting skills I have to make it more interesting.)

    1. The first step is to buy either the premium or business plans (8.95 and 24.99/month, respectively). After that, the option will appear under the “Add Media” button, in a tab called “audio”. Then you can upload the audio file.

      Another option is to get a YouTube channel. You can upload the audio to YouTube, and then embed it on your WordPress site.

      Hope that helps!

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