About No One in Particular

Once upon a time, there was a fellow who spoke on the stump,

Promising walls over which immigrants couldn’t jump.

He took on his opponents with consid’rable gump-

-tion–reducing one of them to a quivering lump.

And all the angry rhetoric with which he’d pump

up his crowds gave lie to his Party’s assump-

-tion that he was a joke they could easily dump.

Fearing he’d reduce their Party to merely a “rump”–

And with naivete that would shock Forrest Gump,

Thought if they attacked with numbers and stats, they could stump

Him, and put his campaign right down into a slump.

But in 2016, charisma and yelling will certainly thump

Someone who’s thoughtful–make ’em look like a chump!


What's your stake in this, cowboy?