Trump’s campaign is pretty much the culmination of every observation I’ve ever made about politics

As my long-time readers may have noticed, I don’t blog about politics much these days.  This is in spite of the fact that we are having perhaps the most interesting primary season I can remember.

Well, in the words of Warren Zevon: “there’s nothing I can do or say/I haven’t done or said”. There’s nothing new here, even as stunning as it is to watch.

I’m just revisiting all my old posts about charisma and nationalism and realizing that Trump is the culmination of two trends in American politics: the ever-increasing preference for charismatic “big personalities” over policy details, and a growing desire among the people to pursue protectionist economic program and reverse decades of free-trade policies made by Democrats and Republicans alike.

Given that, I feel like I should have seen it coming.


  1. A story I heard, not sure it’s true, but informative. When Reagan was running for president he went into the room where the advertising strategy was being planned. He said, “I heard you’re selling a can of peas, beans, whatever. Thought you’d like to see the can.”
    We had a speaker of the house in New Mexico last name Sanchez. The Republican names were on the top of the ballot that election so they nominated a man name Sanchez and he won the election. The voters were stunned the guy they thought they were voting for didn’t win.

  2. Agreed. It’s been amazing to see conservatives supporting a man who has spoken out in favor of single payer health care and late-term abortion. The only way I can explain it is charisma…and the consistent bashing of brown-skinned people.

    1. It’s surreal. If you had told me the leading Republican candidate would be speaking in debates about all the good services Planned Parenthood provides for women, I’d never have believed it. Just goes to show all they really want is an angry person who makes for good TV.

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