Boxing’s Day

At some point soon, Mayweather and Pacquiao will be fighting each other.  I know this because it has been all over the sports shows all week.  I know nothing about these two guys.  Apparently, it took five years for them to hash out all the details of this fight. That’s ridiculous–who wants to follow a sport where you need five years of legal battles to see the Championship?  That’s even worse than the old college football BCS.

Boxing seems to be making a comeback lately–fights are being advertised on a lot of channels all of a sudden.  It’s weird, because everyone has been talking about how violent football is, yet a sport where the entire point is to punch the other guy is enjoying a resurgence.

Never cared much for boxing.  The original Rocky movie was fairly dull.  It always struck me as extremely boring TV.  Even auto racing is more interesting to watch.  It is just two guys standing there punching each other.  Even wrestling, though completely fake, is more interesting to watch because there is a greater range of movement for the fighters.


  1. My grandfather was a club boxer and my Dad boxed in the Marines. He didn’t bother trying to get me to box as I was always the scrawny runt. Running is a far better sport health wise.

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