The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge… thing.

eurobrat has a good post about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, this trend that’s been so popular on the internet lately.  She’s just as confused about it as I am, though I will admit it’s funny to see people getting ice water dumped on them. I’m still unclear on the concept, or how precisely it is supposed to relate to giving to charity.

But, let’s face it, far more people are watching it to see their favorite (or least favorite) celebrities get soaked than are actually donating anything to anyone when they see it. It’s like the “Dunk the Boss” thing you see at company picnics, combined with the “chain letter” aspect of challenging other people. I’m not sure what is so funny about seeing people get wet, but it seems to be a winner.


  1. I won’t lie, I enjoyed seeing a few celebs having the ice dumped on them. (The ending of the Sarah Palin video was pretty satisfying.) But I would’ve enjoyed that without the whole charity aspect getting tacked on there.

    1. Yes, same here. Though I haven’t seen the Palin one–have to check it out. I think maybe the charity aspect is just there to remove any guilt people may feel about watching funny celebrity videos

      (For me, at least, I always get a nagging voice in my head saying “you’re being terribly immature” after I watch lots of funny internet videos.)

      1. Me too…I’ve given up on being mature by now, though.

        Word of warning about the Sarah Palin video: most of it is very fake and unfunny, in typical Palin fashion. It’s only the few last seconds that make it worth watching 🙂

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