A Halloween Poem

In the gloomy, grim Midwest

One dark October day,

I rode along a hilltop crest,

Past a quarry cold and grey.

It was late that afternoon

And I turned to head for home;

When across the barren dune

I saw a figure roam.

I called to him, but no reply

From that figure reached my ear.

And I could not believe my eye

But then he seemed to disappear!

I started, then, upon the path

Down into the dark ravine,

Shuddering to think what hath

Lain long therein, unseen.

When once I reached the floor

The afternoon to night was turning,

But in the dark, I heard a roar

As of a massive fire burning.

And from the distance came a cry

That left me feeling sickened.

And feeling Duty bade me try

To help, my pace I quickened.

The night wind tore my cloak

As I passed trees all dead and rotten.

The smoky, stony place bespoke

A time long since forgotten.

The wolfpacks bayed and howled

From distant, lonely places,

The tree trunks leered and scowled

With twisted moonlit faces.

When that last fatal bend I rounded

I saw the mighty fire, and the rings

By which it was surrounded

Of leaping, grinning, cackling THINGS.

And at the center of the blaze

I saw that at which they chanted,

A sight I’ll not forget for all my days

And on my deathbed shall be haunted.

I turned and ran, in mindless fear,

My faith and reason torn in half.

As I plunged on, I nigh could hear

Those awful creatures laugh.

Now I try to live what life I can

On my lonely country farm;

A broken, shattered, frightened man

Who lies awake for fear of harm.

I will only go out in the day;

And sometimes, in my room at night,

I think that I can hear them, far away,

As they chant their Diabolic rite.


  1. This is crazy good! I’ve never read this….I don’t think I’ve gone back in time and read your older posts. Mine started in 2014 but I hardly wrote any. In 2015 I started writing a lot more. Now I’m a machine lol. For real, this poem is so good. I could picture each scary scene that was depicted in each line.

    1. Thanks! Glad you liked it. There are a few posts I’ve done from years past that I’m quite proud of… which sounds like bragging, but I have also written literally hundreds of posts that I re-read and think, “Gosh, that really wasn’t so good, was it?”

      My early political posts in particular now seem almost unbearably pretentious to me. 🙂

      1. I thought I was the best ever when I started out. Now I go back and think immediately of different ways to make some of the older posts better. I still like some of them, of course. But The Quarter is by far my favorite, meaning the one I think was the best, but it hasn’t made publishers ring my doorbell lol.

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