Why the Government Shutdown makes the Republicans look Horrible.

So, the government is shutdown, and the two Parties are blaming each other for it.  To some extent, the blame must be shared–it takes two to tango, and it also takes two to come to a stalemate.  In that sense, both Parties are to blame.

But the interesting thing is that only one of the Parties spends most of its time decrying the evils of an oversized Federal government.  So when that same Party, after being at least partially responsible for the shutdown, then starts moaning about how awful it is that the Federal government’s services are being denied to the citizens, it makes them look hypocritical and stupid.

This by itself would be bad enough for them, but they have an additional problem, which is that they seem to have no clear goal. They want to delay Obamacare and… what?  They have no plan, no vision for the nation.  It seems to me that they have developed a Captain Ahab-like obsession with defeating Obamacare, so much so that they’ve lost all sense of perspective.


  1. FDR created social security and the republicans that fought it didn’t have control of congress for forty years. They know when the ACA goes into full force they’re doomed. I blame the republicans solely for this mess. The democrats are doing their job, but can’t compromise at gun point, would you?

    1. Oh, I agree–the Democrats can’t compromise on this. What the Democrats have done wrong is more of a long-term issue with them, where they consistently underestimate how hard it will be to get anything accomplished legislatively. It’s not so bad with the shutdown as with the sequester, but I still feel like it’s a problem.

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