“Brave Tebow”

(To be sung to the tune of the English sea song “Brave Benbow“)

Come all you football fans, and draw near, and draw near,

 Come all you football fans and draw near.

 It’s of a QB’s fame,

 O brave Tebow was his name,

 Why he will not start again,

 you shall hear, you shall hear.

Brave  Tebow he dropped back

 For to pass, for to pass

 Brave Tebow he dropped back for to pass.

 Brave Tebow he dropped back

 For to throw a speedy slant

 But, as you well know, he can’t

 Miss the grass, miss the grass.

 Said John Fox to his men:

 We will run, we will run

 Said John Fox to his men, we will run.

 For I value no disgrace,

 nor the losing of my place,

 But if we can get McGahee out in space,

 We’ll have won, we’ll have won.

 The marvelous Tebow  took the snap, took the snap

The marvelous Tebow  took the snap.

And when he did, he’d try to throw

To somebody on a “go”,

 To somebody on a “go”,

 Incomplete, incomplete!

 Brave Tebow to the Jets

 By a trade, by a trade

 Brave Tebow to the Jets by a trade.

 Brave Tebow to the Jets,

 And all his fans give Sermonettes:

 “Tebow by Elway’s camp

Was betrayed, was betrayed!”

Rex Ryan welcom’d him,

 Cries Tebow, cries Tebow

Rex Ryan welcom’d him, cries Tebow.

But they got him out of haste,

 And the Quarterback was placed

(While Mark Sanchez was disgraced)

On the bench, on the bench.

I hope this doesn’t offend anybody.  I’m not trying to make light of the original song about Admiral Benbow, which is very sad. I’m trying to mock Tebow’s zealous fans, who make it seem like it’s such a tragedy.  I mean, I myself think teams are stupid for passing him up, but some people moan about like it’s the worst injustice ever perpetrated.


    1. Not really, in my opinion. He seems more like he’d be of use to a desperate team that needs to radically shake themselves up. I’m not sure why New England would feel like they need him–it’s not like he’d be capable of filling in for Brady.

      Still, Belichick knows a thing or two about football, so they may have some clever scheme in mind.

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