Has this ever happened to you?  A person comes up and starts talking to you like they know you, asking you generic, friendly questions like “how is school/work, how is your family etc.”  You respond with something friendly but a little awkward, not knowing who the person is but thinking frantically “oh, geez, I must know this person from somewhere.  I need to remember who they are or I’ll look like an idiot. Think, think, think…”

You’re sitting there trying to jog your memory and think of what the person’s name is and/or where you know them from.  All the time the conversation is getting more awkward until finally they say something they say something specific that reveals they do not actually know you and think you’re someone else.  It happened to me today and it was a little odd.  I was relieved that I was not the one in error, but still; it was awkward.


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