On *not* finding one’s opposite.

I noticed in my stats that someone got here by searching on “one stdv blog gone”.  I checked; and indeed, the blog of the writer whom I once called my “opposite” is no longer accessible.  I don’t think it’s been removed; it looks more like he’s made it private.  At least, I hope that is the case, and that this is not some manner of censorship.  Repugnant as almost all of his ideas are to me, I’d hate for speech to be stifled on those grounds alone.

Regardless, it would be too bad if he’s stopped blogging.  He’s certainly a more thoughtful and interesting writer than the majority of widely-known Conservatives.  And he’s far more honest about what he really believes than, say, a Rush Limbaugh-type who will hide behind the “I’m only kidding” defense.

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