Holder, Issa, and “fast and furious”-ly increasing cynicism

Via HuffPo:

(Ignore the title of that clip.)

It’s too bad, because I can see where leather jacket guy is coming from, but he does a bad job making his case.  I’ve never liked Attorney General Holder.  He seems to be one of these people who just gets embroiled in controversy, like his “nation of cowards” comment.  Of course, the Republican opposition is eager to seize on anything to use against him, but most people in the administration, including Obama himself, have been quite good at not giving them much to work with.  Holder, not so much.

The “Fast and Furious” thing seems like a case where the Justice Department tried to avoid a P.R. disaster by keeping things quiet, and Darrell Issa, who has been tasked with preventing the Executive branch from doing anything, has picked it up as a convenient excuse to hamstring Obama’s administration in any way he can.  It is possible to say “Eric Holder has made some very serious mistakes, and perhaps even intentionally covered up information,” while still understanding that Issa and his committee are not noble truth-seekers but simply acting out of a desire to thwart the other party.

I can’t understand, incidentally, why Obama got himself into this mess by exercising “executive privilege”.  It’s another case of giving them needless fodder for criticism, especially because the executive power aspects invite comparisons to Nixon and Cheney.

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