Theme Song to “Mitt Romney’s Adventures in Anti-Charisma”

Oh, come all my friends, pray gather round me;

I’ll sing you a song of a man called Willard Mitt Romney.

Oh, Willard Mitt Romney had millions of bucks.

He cut a fine figure in a well-tailored tux.

He was groomed from the first to become President.

He  looked Presidential wherever he went.

He came from fam’ly distinguished and famed,

And his policies in Massachusetts were highly acclaimed.

But there was one problem besetting this man;

A problem that threw a wrench in his Executive plan;

A problem which many a comic did often exploit:

‘Twas that he was a complete social maladroit!

Everyone stood in silence whene’er he cracked jokes,

With his horses and jets, he didn’t fit in with common folks.

He once bet 10,000 American on a light little whim,

And he couldn’t tell why all the voters couldn’t relate to him.

And as for his healthcare plan, well, it’s sad to tell;

It turned out it had succeeded entirely too well!

But ‘midst all these clouds, Mitt glimpsed some silver lining them:

He’d got lots of cash from the rich by wining and dining them!

It all boiled down, (as it always does), to the issue of money

Would it be a curse or a blessing to Willard Mitt Romney?


What's your stake in this, cowboy?