Will Wilkinson is just doing his job.

Freddie DeBoer (mostly) speaks the truth:

[Will Wilkinson will] advocate a cosmopolitan political philosophy, but his effect is to support movement conservatism. When you spend 90% of your time attacking middle class government workers and their ability to improve their lives, and occasionally drop in a bon mot about how immigrants are people too, your net effect is to support the revanchist Republican party.

DeBoer retracted this post later, but on this point, I think he is basically correct. More than just Wilkinson, what he is describing is the behavior of New Democrats in general–with the exception of one thing: the word “revanchist” is wrong.  The revanchist wing of the Republican party is what I call the “nationalist” wing, and they get no support whatsoever from the New Democrats.  In fact, they are who the New Democrats have been specifically designed to defeat.

So, what part of the Republican party does get supported?  The big business part, of course.  I’ve talked about this before. But we can’t be too hard on Mr. Wilkinson; he’s only doing his job.  It is not, in the end, his fault that the only party that opposes Movement Conservatism effectively supports Big-Money Conservatism.

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