Ray Bradbury R.I.P.

I only ever read two things by him: Fahrenheit 451, which I frankly didn’t think was very good, and “The October Game”, which was well-written but way too dark, even for my tastes. He also seemed, at times, like something of a luddite.

But Bradbury liked the atmosphere of the fall and Halloween, apparently, and that’s definitely true of me as well. Someday, I’ll have to give Something Wicked This Way Comes a try.

And another thing I’ll say for the man: he came up with some awesome titles. I may not have liked Fahrenheit, but it’s a good title. Scanning his bibliography on Wikipedia, I see tons of titles that I know nothing about, but which intrigue me quite a bit.


  1. Hello, MM. I am a fan of Bradbury. His writing anyway. If I went by everyone’s beliefs, my choices would be limited. I’ve learned to try and separate artist from his her real life.

    See ya! Thingy.

    1. There is much wisdom in that. He was a very interesting guy, and I can’t help feeling that perhaps the problem lies with me rather than with his writing, given how popular his work is.

      Always nice to hear from you!

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