On the idiotic conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Andrew Breitbart.

The death of Andrew Breitbart has sparked some conspiracy theories among his supporters.  World Net Daily, which one can always count on for the very latest in illogical conspiracy news, has a piece about Michael Savage, who takes seriously Breitbart’s claim that he had some sort of incriminating tapes involving the President in his college years. Savage speculates that Breitbart was assassinated because of what he had.

This is, frankly, even less logical than usual for a conspiracy theory. I’d say the odds are good that there are no tapes. If there are tapes, I’ll bet that they will prove to have been selectively edited. And finally, even if Breitbart actually possessed some actual, unedited tapes, they probably aren’t nearly as explosive as people think. They would probably show that the collegian Obama double-parked once or something.

As you all know, though, I find conspiracy theories to be very interesting and entertaining. The good ones are like thriller novels, the bad ones are just hilarious.

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